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Sometimes I think my favorite part of this scene is this look of concern over how the other one is doing handling this news and how it overrides their own individual anger at nothing being allowed to kiss in the hallways, if only for just one moment, before Santana starts dropping the truth bombs.


Oh Hemo. If you were any more obvious your vagina would explode.


haha…look at Naya’s face when Heather turns to get her back…..she cant resist that cuteness


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Supporting the scares is a strong cast, the standout being Naya Rivera as Vera, the younger sister who refuses to start a family or get married, much to the disappointment of older sister Leigh who is incapable of bearing children. Rivera offers the most natural performance in the film, a young woman whose ideal vision of her own future is turned upside down when satanic forces take a keen interest in her family. 

That last point about Vera being forced to abandon her preferred marriage-free and child-free lifestyle choice is both part of the film’s strength and weakness. On the one hand it makes her a more interesting character and allows for actress Naya Rivera to sink her teeth into a meaty role.

Review “At the Devil’s door


A while ago, beloved Brittana fanfic writer Frogsrcool discovered that IOYCSWIS had been published on Amazon without her consent. I was furious and helped her get it taken down immediately. Tonight I was shocked to read Dylan Hart’s post about her novel theft. That kind…